I’m a Grammy!

My grandson arrived the other day after putting my daughter and son in law through 27 hours of labor. He was a bit stubborn! His name is August Matthew, a strong manly name. I love his nickname…Auggie! He was 9 lbs. 5 oz.

I went to meet him on Wednesday at the hospital and also to check on my daughter and son in law. It was an amazing adventure. I met my grandson. I love saying that….my grandson!!

The feelings that I felt are a little hard to explain, but I will try. When I saw him I fell in love in an instant, but when I held him, the rush of emotions that washed over me were amazing, incredible and just plain WOW! This dear little being was my grandson. As I looked at him, with tears in my eyes, all I could think of was the moment the nurse put his mommy in my arms. There was an overpowering amount of love then, but this was different. I felt like my heart swelled up as large as it could. I looked up at my daughter and saw the love in her eyes and my love grew even more. My precious gift, (my daughter), has given me the privilege of being a grandmother. That feeling just overtook me and I was completely overwhelmed. Tears just kept coming. My heart was so full of love at that moment, I thought I would burst!

Watching my daughter and son in law with him was so beautiful to see. I knew when I saw the way they held him and looked at him that they, too, were so drawn in to this tiny being. He was theirs. He was their son. It was such a miracle to witness my child adoring her child at the same time I was doing the exact same thing! This was truly one of the most beautiful moments in my life.

I now know what my grandma meant when she used to tell me she loved me more than anything! And I know what she was thinking when she would see me and her face would light up, her smile so wide. It is an amazing thing….being a grandma!

I look forward to this new journey and all the adventures we will enjoy.
I will be sharing more stories; I am sure, about my little Auggie!

But, may I say; Welcome to the world little one! Your Ghandsrammy is totally over the moon whenever I think of you, look at your picture or hold your tiny hand in mine!

Life is good!

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