The Santa Hat

Saturday morning, a day to sleep in…NOT!!  Max and Emmet wanted to get up at 5:30.  I guess they thought letting me sleep an extra half hour was enough.  So, we got up and started our day!   After we finished breakfast, I had this great idea. I had found my Santa hat in one of the bins of decorations. Why not take a picture of Max in a Santa hat that I could use on my blog and Facebook?   That would be so cool!

I got the hat out, found my camera, put a bunch of dog treats in my pocket, said a prayer and began my quest!

First I got him to sit still; then I put the hat on him, backed away to take the picture….he shook and the hat flew off.  Okay, that was only the first time, so I tried again.  Maybe if I held up a treat while I was going backwards he would sit and wait?  Nope, he shook off the hat, grabbed the treat out of my hand and took off.  All I could do was laugh.

I took him outside for a break; to work off the excess energy.  When we came back in, I tried to sit him down, he was having no part of it.  Emmet was watching me, thinking: Emmet is always thinking.  By the time I got Max seated again, Emmet was posed to pounce.  I hoped I could get the picture taken before he pounced on Max.  I put the hat on Max, stepped back, he shook the hat off and WHAM…in came Emmet!   He grabbed the hat and ran behind the couch.

I was so shocked that I sat down and laughed. Max came over, sat by me and gave me a big kiss, as if to say, “I love you, can we stop now?”   I got the hat and decided to try one more time.  If it didn’t work this time, we were done!  Max saw me coming and sat down.  Hmmm…maybe he would let me take the picture this time with the hat on.   I put it on him, offered a treat, told him he was so good and that if he let me take the picture, I would make him a burger for lunch!  As I backed away, it almost looked like he smiled at me and with a shake of his head, you see where the hat ended up!!!

Oh well, maybe next year!


5 thoughts on “The Santa Hat

      • what a softy! just had a busy week of work, training, dog sitting…. now finally in my own bed with my dogs…. and 4 puppies, soon up for adoption so far a quite evening. lets see if sunday is sleep in day.. hopefully more than half hour

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