I’m Back!!

flying-hearts-on-valentines-dayI have been gone a while, that is true. I had a few setbacks and lost my beautiful Max, so my desire to write sort of got tucked away, but lately I am starting to notice that I miss my writing and have decided to get back into my blog, first with a dedication and then with this posting!!
I had planned on getting this done by Valentine’s Day with the LOVE theme, but it didn’t quite happen. I had this cupcake project that took a little more time than I thought.
So, here it goes…..

The Top Ten Heartfelt Reasons I LOVE to Blog!
1. I love to share my stories with other animal lovers and friends.
2. I will be able to share my new “grandma” stories….yes folks, that’s right!!!
3. Writing make my soul feel whole.
4. I love to write.
5. Perhaps my stories will touch someone and make them smile.
6. I connect with others who love to write.
7. Writing keeps me grounded.
8. I love to create!
9. My blog may help someone.
10. The word “blog” is a cool word!!
So, sit back, relax and stay tuned. My heart is healing and Tea and Milkbones has awakened!! Continue reading

Saturday Spring Story

Spring is coming! (I hope!) This spring will be a bit different in my world. No more searching for my shoes and hat when it is time to go for a walk. They will be right where I put them last. That will be strange.
Max and I used to have a little ritual we would follow before every walk! I would look at him and say, “Well, I think we should go for one.” That is all I had to say and he was gone! I would go put on my walking clothes and go to get my shoes and hat. They would be gone! I would pretend to look for them by walking room to room and saying, “Hmm, I thought I put them here!” Or, “Didn’t I leave them here?” Then I would hear a sweet little growl/moan coming from the direction of the couch. When I walked over there, this is what I found!
Okay, I took the hat out of his mouth and put it on his head for the picture! But the shoe never left his mouth! Always many smiles and laughs! I always felt like he was saying to me, “Sue, you are so predictable!”
Once I convinced him that the shoe would have to come out and go on my foot, I got my thank you kiss and we were set to go!
Those first few spring walks were always fun. He would get so full of mud and always pick up a rock to carry along. We always tried to hook up with Debbie and Gunny and off we went!
I miss my Max kisses, but am so grateful for the memories I have of our spring walks. We always searched for signs of spring and inevitably would find one or two. A crocus here and there, a red winged blackbird, a robin or sometimes a tree full of robins! The sounds of spring were around us. Such a glorious time of year, new awakenings, a time for hope! Snow melting and lots of mud is a dog’s dream!

After these wonderful walks, we came home and washed off in the tub of water I had waiting in the garage.  We always ended up playing tug of war with the towel and Max would always win!  He grabbed it and ran all over the house with it!

This spring I will be taking those walks by myself, but my Max memories will be in my heart as I search for those signs of spring!

Maybe I will even pick up a rock or two!

The Santa Hat

Saturday morning, a day to sleep in…NOT!!  Max and Emmet wanted to get up at 5:30.  I guess they thought letting me sleep an extra half hour was enough.  So, we got up and started our day!   After we finished breakfast, I had this great idea. I had found my Santa hat in one of the bins of decorations. Why not take a picture of Max in a Santa hat that I could use on my blog and Facebook?   That would be so cool!

I got the hat out, found my camera, put a bunch of dog treats in my pocket, said a prayer and began my quest!

First I got him to sit still; then I put the hat on him, backed away to take the picture….he shook and the hat flew off.  Okay, that was only the first time, so I tried again.  Maybe if I held up a treat while I was going backwards he would sit and wait?  Nope, he shook off the hat, grabbed the treat out of my hand and took off.  All I could do was laugh.

I took him outside for a break; to work off the excess energy.  When we came back in, I tried to sit him down, he was having no part of it.  Emmet was watching me, thinking: Emmet is always thinking.  By the time I got Max seated again, Emmet was posed to pounce.  I hoped I could get the picture taken before he pounced on Max.  I put the hat on Max, stepped back, he shook the hat off and WHAM…in came Emmet!   He grabbed the hat and ran behind the couch.

I was so shocked that I sat down and laughed. Max came over, sat by me and gave me a big kiss, as if to say, “I love you, can we stop now?”   I got the hat and decided to try one more time.  If it didn’t work this time, we were done!  Max saw me coming and sat down.  Hmmm…maybe he would let me take the picture this time with the hat on.   I put it on him, offered a treat, told him he was so good and that if he let me take the picture, I would make him a burger for lunch!  As I backed away, it almost looked like he smiled at me and with a shake of his head, you see where the hat ended up!!!

Oh well, maybe next year!



I was startled out of sleep by a whine and something pushing on my legs.  It took a minute to realize what it was.  It was Max, my golden retriever, trying to get cuddled under my blanket.  He wanted to get under the covers with me.  I tried to wiggle my toes and was hissed at.  Emmet was under the covers on my feet and was now biting my toes.  OW!  What the heck was going on here?  I turned on my flashlight.

Max pushed his nose under the blanket and looked at me with sad eyes.  So, I let him under, at which point Emmet crawled up and waited for Max to settle in.  Emmet settled in between Max and me.  This was nice and snuggly!  I guess we were going to sleep like this tonight.  And so we did.

When my alarm went off at 5 am and I crawled out of bed, I knew why I had a cat and dog still under the covers.  It was freezing in the house.  The furnace had quit.  Hmmm.  This was a dilemma.  I had to try and make some heat happen!  I really wanted to crawl right back under the covers with Max and Em!

I went out to the living room to check the thermostat….53 degrees.  UGH, that was cold!  I opened up the furnace door and switched off a couple switches; that usually worked.  Today…not so much!  I swore at it a few times and that didn’t work either.  I got my mittens out of the closet and put them on. At least my hands would be warm!

Did I dare call my landlord at this early hour?  No, perhaps a text message would do it.  So, I texted him and 15 minutes later he was outside!  Now that is an awesome landlord.  He worked his magic to no avail!  The furnace was not going to give me heat!  He said he would come back later and fix it.  Till then I would be wearing mittens while I got ready for work!!  I threw my robe in the dryer to warm up and took the fastest shower of my life!!

I am hoping that when I get home tonight, there will be heat!!  So are Max and Emmet!